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About CNB New Plants

Introducing perennial plants and managing royalty fees for breeders is our specialism. Over the course of years, we have successfully introduced a large number of varieties to the market and became market leader in perennials.

We are also specialised in grasses, cut flowers and arboricultural products such as shrubs.

What we can offer you, the breeder or owner? • Applications for plant variety rights, patents and trademark registrations worldwide • Controlled issue of sub licenses • Administration on issued licenses and the collection and payment of royalties

  •  Inspection of illegal reproductions with in-house legal support
  •  Marketing through (international) trade fairs, our website, Social Media, product catalogue and photography
  •   Testing and field experiments on new varieties at different growers throughout the world.

 Would you like to grow one of our varieties?

Are you interested in one of the plant varieties in our product catalogue for propagation purposes or testing? Please contact us.

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