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Always flowers?   EveryDayLily®  now available!

Hemerocallis EveryDayLily ™ Bronze®

Hemerocallis EveryDayLily ™  Cream®

Hemerocallis EveryDayLily ™  Pink Cream®

Hemerocallis EveryDaylily ™   Ping wing®

Hemerocallis EveryDayLily ™  Punch Yellow®

Hemerocallis EveryDayLily ™  Red Ribs®

Hemerocallis EveryDayLily ™  Rose®

This new series off Hemerocallis is continues blooming and gives a beautiful sea of flowers in the pot and garden.

How older the plant, the more flowers it gives. After one year,  the EveryDayLily ™ gives more than 300 flowers a year. Dutch breeder Heemskerk Plants has proven that the market with this EveryDayLily ™ series gets a new boost. For pot & border this serie has many opportunities for grower and consumer.

  • Flowering throughout the summer
  • Powerful grower
  • Many many flowers
  • Healthy crop, bee friendly
  • Pot – border – garden – mail order
  • young plant supplied as TC or bare root
  • Suitable for p-9 – p17, easy to grow
  • EU and USPP Plant Breeders Rights protected

Information about availability, sublicense or young plants?

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