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Growers perennial plants happy about yield

Growers of perennial plants seem to be heading for a successful year. Especially this year’s beautiful autumn has had its positive effects on the end result of multiple plant species.

The perennial season for perennial plants nursery mts Lucassen in Afferden, Limburg, The Netherlands, was off to a bad start with over 300mm of rain in June. Luckily, the crop profited from good weather in September and October. “Fortunately, it only meant a minor shift of the season”, says Pieter Lucassen.

Good flower and plant prices

Lucassen and other perennial plant growers notice a positive demand for their products. Flower and plant prices have been good over the last few years and this has had its knock-on effect. In addition, North America has been a superb market recently.

Cor Bouwmeester from Bouwmeester Vaste Planten in Noordwijkerhout confirms the findings. “There is currently a high, global demand for plants. The Russian market is picking up again after a quiet period but also the demand from China, Germany and Scandinavia has been very high.”

Read more about the course of the perennial season in BloembollenVisie issue 364, which will be available as from 8th of December.


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