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Sneak preview: Cupressus Snowcrest®

This spectacular novelty will be launched at IPM 2019 by CNB New Plants™

This amazing bi – coloured Cupressus from Dutch breeder Marc Verschuren will be showed for the first time in the CNB NewPlants™ booth, hall 1 D 39. The spring- green branches have crème -white tips. These white tips are visible during the whole season.  Snowcrest® is a fast growing Cupresses and can be used in many ways like in borders and pots. Year round available for indoor & outdoor use.
Semi winter hardy and nice fragrance. White crème tips will not be affected by heat and do not change in colour. This new Cupressus is really different from the ordinary Cupressus which has single colour green branches. This newest bred Cupressus with the beautiful name Snowcrest® is managed worldwide by CNB NewPlants™.

Unique properties:

• First bi – colour Cupressus
• green – crème white branches
• Green – crème
• Nice fresh fragrant
• Heat and drought tolerant
• Indoor – outdoor
• Pot, container and outdoor use
• Semi winter hardy
• Height 25- 50 cm 1st year
• Fast growing

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